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The content that became solos was recorded at Lake Berryessa's infamous "Glory Hole" during the heavy rainfall season early in 2017 and also in my front yard on a particularly windy day.

This album makes some attempt to explore the edge of white noise as music. For me, it induces auditory hallucination after about twenty minutes or so of relaxed listening. I have snapped out of sleep worrying that I have left some unidentifiable machinery running. White noise, by itself does not help me fall asleep, but natural noise such as rainfall, or processed noise with variation, like this album, does.

The lone track on this album, solos, as its title hints at, is an acoustic palindrome. It will sound the same no matter whether you play it as presented here, of if you download the track and play it backwards.

WARNING: Like a long flight or a trip to the DMV, you'll want to sleep through most of this. Best appreciated in those short waking moments when the cat jumps on the bed.

INSTRUCTIONS: Adjust volume so that music is barely above the hearing threshold. Make sure that it only just drowns out other minor sounds. Press play and attempt to go to sleep. If you wake up, don't move, just close your eyes and try to go back to sleep.


released April 1, 2017



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d.igital Sacramento, California

d.igital builds intricate analog and digital sound automatons that generate unique moody soundscapes that seem to evolve under their own power. Sacramento based d.igital has been creating and performing under various monikers in Sacramento and the Pacific Northwest since 1995. d.igital uses a variety of hardware and software, however, his primary instrument of choice these days is Reaktor by NI. ... more

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